Web Content Extractor Documentation

URL Generator

The URL generator allows you to generate a list of similar URLs according to the specified template. The template may contain the [C] variable that is replaced with the corresponding value. You can specify the values with the help of the counter ("Counter From"), manually or by loading them from a text file ("Custom Values"). You can see the URLs that will be generated in the lower part of the window (only the first and last 5 URLs are shown).

Counter parameters:

"From" - start the counter from,

"To" - end the counter at,

"Step" - the step of the counter,

"Digits" - the number of digits in the counter. For example, if the From parameter is set to 1 and the Digits parameter is set to 2, the counter will start from 01. If the Digits parameter is set to 3, it will start from 001.

You can type the values manually. To do it, select "Custom Values" and click the button. You can type your custom values in the new window (one value per line). Also, you can load values from a file. To do it, click the "Import..." button. It must be a text file with one value per line.