Web Content Extractor Documentation

Tool Bar

Allows you to quickly access most important commands, such as New Project, Open Project, Save Project; Start/Stop/Pause Webscraper; Export and Quick Export; Edit and Apply/Remove Results Filter; Webscraper Project Properties; Reset All URLs and Delete All Results; WCE Scheduler; Help.


Creates a new web content extracting project. When creating a new project, the current project and the results of its processing are reset.

Opens a previously saved project.
Saves the project.
Starts the webscraper.
Stops the webscraper.
Pauses the webscraper. You can pause the current extraction process and start it again using the same button.
Exports the extracted data to a file. You can choose file name and type. Saving is impossible when extraction process is running. For more details please refer to the Export Data section.
Immediately exports the extracted data using the last used export configuration in the project.
Allows to set certain filtering conditions.
Applies/Removes extracted data filter.
Opens Webscraper Properties window.
Resets all URLs.
Deletes all the results.
Opens WCE Scheduler window.
Opens About window.