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How can your company get an extra boost for its products or services? Placing web banners is helpful, but the best way to get someone’s attention is to contact them via email. To quickly identify and reach your potential customers you can take advantage of email extraction software. And to achieve spectacular results you can take advantage of Web Email Extractor.

Web Email Extractor is an email extraction software. It allows you to crawl websites and extract email addresses from their pages automatically. It’s an incredibly fast and flexible web crawler and email scraper which runs targeted email extractions to provide you with a client database within a short period of time. Web Email Extractor will be your valuable helper in the sphere of email marketing.

Web Email Extractor extracts email addresses from websites you specify or from websites that match your custom search criteria. The crawling rules make Web Email Extractor extremely useful. You can adjust a variety of parameters to optimize the crawling process and get better results. It can follow links with specified link's text or part of the link's URL. You can specify the crawling rules for all levels and for each separately. Additionally, it’s possible to define limit of crawling depth. Web Email Extractor allows you to create up to 10 separate download threads. Such numbers are enough to carry out any series of complex crawls in one download session.

This fast and powerful program delivers several handy features while providing a comfortable and intuitive interface. You can save extracted emails and URLs in an output text/csv file. Also, Web Email Extractor stores its crawling history so you can view the tree of visited links at any time. With Web Email Extractor any invalid syntax URLs and emails are automatically removed.


  • Customized web crawler/web spider. Crawling rules and multithreaded downloading (up to 10 threads);
  • Exports the extracted email addresses into Microsoft Excel, Text (TXT), HTML, XML files, SQL and MySQL script files, Microsoft Access database, and to any ODBC data source;
  • Uploads the output file to a FTP server;
  • Extracts email addresses from password protected websites;
  • Supports a number of command line options that can be used to automate program;
  • Built-in scheduler. Runs the scraping tasks at a specific time automatically;
  • Uses multiple proxy servers. Automatically switches between proxies and rotates your ip address;
  • Very simple to use, quick learning curve and right to the point.


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